Please note that these are products I have personally found value in. I have not been endorsed/financially compensated by any of these companies.


Preggie Pops

I am a hippie through and through. I wish I could tell you that ginger, homeopathy, and teas work, but really, they offer minimal help if any at all. I was blessed to only experience a few weeks of nausea during the beginning of my second trimester, and these puppies did the trick! I also ABHOR that they include corn syrup... but they work. I have heard that jolly ranchers also work well but can't confirm that.


Metagenics is a leading supplement company and one of the very few who include Choline for brain development. These are not vegetarian as they include fish oils. If you simply want to add choline you can take an individual supplement or go the whole food route with sources such as soybeans, collard greens, swiss chard, cauliflower, eggs, chicken, turkey, scallops, shrimp, beef, and sardines.

I also suggest taking these at NIGHT! Many women have adverse reactions to multiple prenatals. If you take them before bed you sleep through the nausea!


Bosom Baby Nursing Pillows

RUN AWAY from the boppy! If asked what is the one product I would choose as my favorite, this is it. It's great to purchase while still pregnant as some find it comfy to cuddle with at night. It's the best for positioning baby at the breast and you don't have to do anything, well except for the production of liquid gold that is. So soft and keeps its feel after many washes. I used it after nursing, too, to wrap around us both for story time as it supported the book and kept us all cozy. I should own stock because I buy one for every pregnant woman I know.



Breast Feeding Made Simple

I never knew I could love a book so much about breastfeeding! Introduced to me by my amazing Step-mom, this is a beautiful book with incredible information that also came in to save the day when my milk came in and the flood of hormones/emotions came with it. Especially if you don't think you will get a lactation consultant, GET THIS BOOK!



Baby Bargains

What do you REALLY need? This book breaks down all of the research for the best choices for your family. Car seats, strollers, monitors, high chairs... I still use it with a 2 yr old!


Moby Wrap

Hands down the best infant carrier on the market! Versatile, most comfortable, best for keeping baby close.

Once my daughter grew, I moved on to other carriers. None of which felt as great as the Moby, and I still am on the hunt... These however were my favs of the many experimented with:

Ergo Baby

Grows with the baby so last a long time! Can be used on front and back which is a plus, however your little one may not like the back. If you use it for infancy you need an insert.

Baby Bjorn

Pretty comfy but can only use for a limited time. I also don't love the piece of plastic on the inside of the carrier baby sits on. Not great for their sacrum. I just used it for small outings.


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